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Roland takes digital hand percussion to a new dimension with the HandSonic HPD-20, a unique and versatile instrument that’s ideal for a wide range of music creators, from percussionists and drummers to electronic dance music performers, composers, and producers. Equipped with the renowned SuperNATURAL sound engine and potent multi-effects, the HPD-20 offers 850 dynamic, ready-to-play sounds, plus the ability to import your own custom sounds via USB flash memory. 13 pads provide ultra-sensitive response and flexible control options for playing onboard sounds and external MIDI instruments with an incredible range of expression. The HandSonic pad interface also excels in computer music applications, where it’s perfect for playing virtual instruments, recording MIDI and audio performances in DAW software, and much more. And with its convenient trigger inputs, you can easily expand the HPD-20 with a Roland pad and hi-hat controller to build a super-compact percussion set.

Roland HandSonic HPD-20 Digital Hand Percussion for stage and studio.

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  • Powerful hand percussion instrument for live performance and studio music production
  • Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL sound engine delivers unparalleled tone quality and expressiveness
  • 850 ready-to-play sounds include percussion from around the world, melodic instruments, drums, tones for modern electronica beats, and more
  • Import up to 500 of your own WAV sounds via USB flash memory and assign them to pads
  • 13 silicone rubber pads provide ultra-sensitive velocity response and a comfortable feel
  • Deep editing capability allows you to tweak and layer instruments and process tones with three independent multi-effects engines, ambience, and EQ
  • Dynamic pad assignments let you dampen, mute, and tune sounds for authentic performance of acoustic hand percussion like congas and tabla
  • Easily capture performances and ideas with the Quick Rec function and export them as WAV audio files to USB flash memory
  • Roll button and Realtime Modify knob; D-BEAM for controlling sounds and effects with hand movements
  • Inputs for connecting a Roland pad and hi-hat controller (sold separately)
  • USB Computer port for audio/MIDI communication with popular music software, including DAWs and standalone virtual instruments

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Discover the Power of HPD

The HPD HPD-20 goes far beyond a typical pad controller also. It is a sophisticated percussion instrument with 13 velocity-sensitive pads and an amazing degree of expressiveness. By the velocity and the pressure on the pad you can influence the sounds and thus muffling, tuning, stopping and much more. This allows traditional acoustic percussion hand techniques are implemented perfectly with authentic feel and dynamics. Especially with the two large pads, you can play with natural tonal variations, depending on where and how you hit them. Other sound control features are the roll and the Real Time Modify buttons, and the popular D-Beam controller possible. Allows you to modify sounds cool manner and demonstrate the effects.

Packed with SuperNATURAL sounds

The HPD-20 provides 850 high-quality sounds. To choose from a rich library of ethnic percussion instruments from around the world, as well as melodic and orchestral percussion. Likewise, traditional drum and electric sounds are included in the HPD, which are ideal for the current pop music. Thanks to the powerful combination of the Supernatural sound engine, the ultra-sensitive response and the unique functionality of the HPD pad interface, the HPD-20 provides an incredibly dynamic expressiveness. A total of 200 kits including 100 preset kits to suit any style or game situation can be freely modified.

Import your own custom sounds

With the HPD-20, you can own up to 500 WAV Sounds import and place the pads in addition to the internal sounds. Simply load your own sounds from your computer to a USB stick and import the sounds into HPD 20th Here you can put together your own kit. The length of the sound is not set, so you can also use longer loops and audio phrases. A total of 12 minutes sample memory available to the HPD with sounds, loops and effects to suit your needs. Once your own sounds are in the HPD-20, you can, as well as the internal sounds, edit and assign effects. In addition, you can loop sounds with the pads and start or stop.

Lots of editing options and multi-effects

The HPD-20 many powerful tools that let you create new sounds. With the User creation kit you can individually edit the volume, pitch, delay and many other parameters for each instrument. You can also combine two sounds and mix by your momentum and stop position while playing or switchen. Three independent multi-effects processors, each equipped with 25 different effects, offer a good amount of sound design possibilities - standards such as chorus, echo, to turbo-effects such as distortion, filter or bit crush everything perfect for electrical and dance music. With the Real Time Modify buttons you can modify on the fly pitch and other effects during your performance. In addition Ambience effects and EQ can be placed on the entire kit.

Quick Rec and USB

The Quick Rec function to save your performance or your idea is only a button away far. Simply record your games and use the built-in metronome here. Save your recordings on the connected USB stick by pressing the Export button function. Similarly, you can create on the USB stick to backup your HPD-20 with your sounds, kits and settings. With the powerful HPD-USB interface allows the unit to easily be connected with a Mac or Windows computer to trigger virtual instruments or record beats in an audio / MIDI music production software

Trigger inputs and MIDI

The HPD-20 stands out as a stand-alone percussion instrument, and can be extended with additional components. About the TRIG IN input, an additional pad to stick games or be connected as a kick pedal. Then connect the hi-hat controller to the appropriate socket and you have a versatile, super-compact electronic percussion set! MIDI IN / OUT gives you even more ways so that you can play sounds from HPD-20 V-Drums SPD-Series pads, keyboards or other MIDI devices.

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