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Pearl, Drum Set, Masters Maple Pure

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Sonically Centered, Articulate, and Powerful.

Since their introduction in 1993, Pearl's Masters Series drums have been a preferred standard for professionals who insist on quality. Progressing from the 4-ply MMX Recipe to the heavier 6-ply MCX shell, Pearl's combination of North American Maple and precision hardware appointments has found a performance home with countless drummers from the recording studio to the concert stage.

Three Decades of Quality and Excellence.

Now, Pearl reimagines the MCX shell recipe with Masters Maple. Featuring hand-curated premium shell plies from Pearl's Masterworks Veneer Vault and formed with our Superior Shell Technology process, the Masters 6-ply All Maple shell cuts a sonic path through high-volume stage sound and makes every note striking and clear.

With a sound in the mix's tonal center, Masters Maple is Pearl's original 6-ply shell recipe. This timeless combination of a slightly thicker 6-ply North American Maple shell and a sharper 45-degree bearing edge produces enough precise projection to shake the rafters yet is responsive to even the slightest stroke. Professional Pearl standards like Mastercast Die-Cast Hoops, CL Bridge Lugs, and revamped bass drum spurs and floor tom brackets assure optimum performance in any environment, while the ground-breaking R2 Air Tom Suspension system's four-point mounting platform delivers optimum tone and resonance at any angle. Available now in a dizzying array of Premium and Custom finish choices to represent your vision.
Product Features:
● For Loud, Fast, Furious Drumming Prowess.
● Pearl's exclusive hand lacquering process enhances Maple's natural sonic and visual beauty with painstaking detail.
● 6-ply Maple Shell, Increased projection, improved sustain, and better sonic output than ever before.
● Standard 45 Degree Bearing Edge, Pearl’s original edge provides the perfect blend of attack, warmth, and sustain through minimal head contact.
● Features R2 Air Tom Mount Suspension System, MasterCast Die-Cast Hoop, Made for tuning security and minimal shell contact, the CL Bridge Lug features a floating brass swivel nut for a more secure thread hold and better shell tone, as well as nylon shell isolators.
  • Country of Manufacture: Taiwan
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Shell: 6-ply (7.5mm) 100% Maple
  • Snare: Matching 13x6.5, 14x5, 14x6.5, or 14x8 (Sold Separately)
  • Bearing Edge: Standard 45°
  • Finish: Choice of five In-Stock Premium and Custom finishes with 20 available for special order.
  • Heads: Remo Coated Ambassador Tom Coated Powerstroke3 Bass
  • Tom Mounts: R2 Air Tom Mount Suspension System
  • Drum Hardware: Chrome,(Black Nickel, Nickel, and Black Chrome hardware available at premium charge)
  • Spurs: SP330
  • Floor Tom Brackets: LB75
  • Hoops: MasterCast Die-Cast
  • Lugs: CL Bridge Lugs, CL100(Toms), CL250(Bass Drum)
  • Bass Drum Muffler: BDMF (Full Size)
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